At Lancia Nursing Homes our kind and courteous staff is makes us special.  Since our birth in 1949, we have been proud of the way we understand the value of great compassion, therefore we have assembled the finest staff in the Ohio Valley, not only are we professional but we are caring.
Joseph A. Lancia Sr. (BA, MEd, LNHA)
Owner, Founder & Administrator of Lancia Nursing Homes
Mr. Lancia is the longest standing administrator at Lancia Nursing Homes. He continued and developed the Lancia facilities after his parents began them in the 1940s. Our homes have enjoyed an unparalleled success as the Tristate's finest quality-care long-term homes under Mr. Lancia's vigilant stewardship. Always available to meet with family members and residents, Mr. Lancia continues to lead the way with respect to the Lancia family commitment to excellence.

Giuseppe G. Lancia Jr.
Owner & Belmont Manor Administrator
Joseph Jr. is the first son of Joseph and Linda Lancia. He has been actively involved with the family business since the early 1990s. He has both a bachelor's and a master's degree in long-term health-care administration. Giuseppe is the full-time administrator of daily operations at Belmont Manor. He was instrumental in establishing Belmont Manor and currently holds a position on the state nursing home board.

Guirino C. Lancia
(BA, Pharm.D, LNHA)
Owner, In-House Pharmacist &
Villa Royale Administrator
Guirino is the youngest son of Joseph and Linda Lancia. He serves as a consultant pharmacist and full-time administrator at Villa Royale. Guirino has a bachelor's degree in English and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. His expertise helps to ensure that our residents are on appropriate medication regimens. Mr. Lancia is always available to family members for discussing medication and other resident issues.

Linda M. Lancia
B.A., C.D.M., DTR, L.N.H.A.)
Director of Dietary Services
Mrs. Lancia is the wife of Joseph Lancia Sr. and has been an integral part of Lancia Nursing Homes since its inception. She holds a degree as a registered Dietec and is the head of Lancia's dietary services department. Linda works closely with our facility doctors and dieticians to ensure that our residents receive appropriate nutritional requirements. Under her guidance, our patients receive not only proper nutritional requirements but also the finest quality home-cooking available in any institution.

Leslie A. Lancia
Corporate Nurse
Leslie is the wife of Joseph Lancia Jr. She has extensive experience working as a state nursing home inspector and facility Director of Nursing. She is a fully registered nurse with her B.S.N. degree. Additionally, she has a masters of business administration degree. With Leslie's insight, our nursing staff always remains well informed and up to date on the latest nursing concerns.

Betsy R. Lancia
Dietary Assistant
Betsy is the wife of Guirino Lancia. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration and serves the Lancia facilities by assisting in the oversight and direction of the dietary services department. Betsy's assistance benefits the smooth running of operations in the dietary department.