A Tradition of Excellence!

Lancia Nursing Homes boasts the finest tradition of unparalleled excellence because we are a family owned and operated entity.  We screen and hire only the best employees.  If you are committed to excellence and are interested in employment at one or our fine facilities contact us at our e-mail (glancia@1st.net) or call one of our fine facilities today to inquire about the availability of positions.*

*Availability of employment positions changes from time to time and we can make no guarantee that there are any positions currently available.

Employment Opportunities


Nurse's Aide*

Dietary services





Career Opportunities

Lancia Nursing Homes conducts regular Nurse's Aide Certification courses* through our registered Nurse's Aide Educator.

Classes are conducted in our facilities and feature an excellent student -to-teacher ratio.

Individuals desiring to care for the elderly and infirmed can become qualified nurses aides through our training program.

The course is provided as a cost-free benefit to our nurse's aides in training.

The Lancia Difference

At Lancia's we treat our employees with respect and dignity, every job is an important job at our facilities.  Because we are family operated, we personally consider all of our employee's concerns and input.  Lancia's cares about you!!

We also provide outstanding benefits, including a wide range of health plans.  Dental and Eyes plans as well as perscription benefits.

Lanica Nursing Homes is an Equal Employment Opportunity Company.

Please fill out our form. If you are interested in joining the Lancia Nursing Home Family