At Lancia Nursing Homes, we offer a wide variety of state of the art medical care services in our modern facilities.  Yet our commitment to our residents doesn't stop there; we also provide a large variety of social activities and other specialized care services.  Our goal is to provide not only all of the best health needs but to create a rich and enjoyable social atmosphere that our residents can thrive in. 

Medical Care Services

Monthly Drug Review Committee: Every month, our facility medical directors, the pharmacists, the directors of nursing and dietary services get together to discuss our resident's medical status and wellbeing.  This committee ensures that your loved ones are receiving the appropriate treatments they need and that they are not receiving medicines or treatments they don't need.

Skilled and Intermediate Care:
Our facilities are capable of meeting the extended needs of a variety of health care levels.  We have both the equipment and qualified staff to meet the care needs for virtually all patients.

Diversified Nursing Staff:
Our expert nursing staff represents individuals from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and expertise.  As well as being highly skilled, our nurses and nurses aides are also very compassionate towards our residents. 

Alzheimer's/Dementia Unit:
Our facilities are designed with specialized care units to meet the needs of patients who require more attention and care.  At Lancia's, these patients are not simply disregarded because they have lost some or all of their capacity for rational thought.  We consider them to be very important and our activities staff has designed a variety of specialized social activities to involve these residents in the Lancia family community.

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy:
Our facilities provide our patients with professional therapists and the equipment and provisions for quality rehabilitative care. 

Restorative Nursing Care:
Our nursing staff is specially trained to extend the rehabilitative care needs of our patients who continue to require physical, occupational, speech and refeeding therapies on a long-term basis. 

Resident Staff Pharmacist:
Mr. Guirino Lancia (son of owner and administrators Joseph and Linda Lancia) is a registered Doctor of Pharmacy and tends to the various medical issues regarding our patients.  Thus, our homes consistently ensure expert medication review for our residents.  Also, Mr. Lancia is available to family members should questions about their loved ones medication regimen arise.

Facility Medical Director/Facility Psychiatrist:
Each of our homes has a qualified medical director and facility psychiatrist available for patient medical consults.  Also, the medical director and psychiatrist meet during our monthly drug review committees to discuss our patient's medical and drug issues. 

In-house Dietary Services:
Our facilities proudly boast the finest institutional home-cooking available.  Our staff has been personally instructed by nursing home founder, Mrs. Catherine Lancia ("Grandma Lancia").  Catherine is a first class chef and her personal cooking flare lends an atmosphere of homeliness to our facilities.  Also, our dietary department receives expert consultation from Mrs. Linda Lancia who has long been its outstanding leader.