Catherine and Guirino Lancia: Founders

In the 1940s Catherine and Guirino Lancia pioneered the introduction of quality nursing home facilities in the Tristate area. After personally attending to the convalescent needs of their own elderly parents, the young Mr. and Mrs. Lancia saw the need for the creation of a quality care facility and decided to extend their family care to the surrounding community. Thus, one of the first nursing homes was conceived in an era where nursing homes were unheard of.

Far too often Mr. and Mrs. Lancia saw the elderly being poorly cared for at home. In some cases those elderly who had no family to care for them lived as vagrants on the street. Thus, Mr. and Mrs. Lancia were moved with great compassion and therefore converted their home into a nursing home. In this early home, all the administration and patient care was personally conducted by the Lancia's. To this day, our nursing homes still exist as family owned and operated facilities. Because the owners are also the administrators, the highest degree of personal and professional care is obtained. This is what makes our homes different. At Lancia's everyone is family.

Mr.&Mrs. Lancia's house: the first Lancia Nursing Home established in 1949 in downtown Steubenville, Ohio